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What PDX Pop Now 2011 Will Look Like...and why

pdx pop now logoEach year there are more treats in the lead-up to the PDX Pop Now! festival. Benefit shows, gigs at City Hall, concerts in Portland public schools and of course the annual compilation discs and lineup announcements. But one of my favorite PDX Pop-related joys is seeing the artwork for the first time. This year, that job has been given to Corvallis artist Santiago Uceda. He's gone with an animal theme, explaining:

"...I was trying to make the name more prominent since the client wanted the name of the festival to stand out, but I also wanted the art to be a strong element in this piece. The sketch they chose made the most sense since it achieved both goals. PDX Pop Now! has been a great client to work for, the actually encouraged me to be more edgy!"

There are a lot more sketches and experiments over at Uceda's website, and it's a neat peek into the process of a poster artist. It also gets me stoked about PDX Pop Now!. I know it's a long way out, but that little light at the end of the tunnel sure makes these wet Portland winters harder to bear.

The logo:

PDX Pop Now!
PDX Pop on Twitter
Santiago Uceda's website

Art all courtesy of Santiago Uceda.
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