WW: Why is the city proposing this new resolution without a financial agreement in place?
WW: Why are there objections from the City's own employees then?
WW: Are you saying there are no objections?
WW: So if there is no final financial agreement, Paulson has no way to hold the city responsible for the costs associated with this?
WW: So you are expecting a final financial agreement by Feb. 15?
WW: What are the sticking points still holding up a final agreement? Back in October there was no agreement on a number of issues.
WW: So how will the City and Paulson share money from the Providence health clinic at PGE Park?
WW: With all due respect, then, how then can you say there are no sticking points?
Photos above (of Ruiz, Adams chief of staff Tom Miller and Adams) by Vivian Johnson