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Dirty Mittens: Los Angeles, Oh Boy (LA and Palm Springs, CA)

IMG_1927This city is huge. It stretches forever. From the top of this hill, I can see maybe 220 degrees of solid sprawl, and I know behind me is another 140. Stayed with the illustrious Adam Stamp last night, and he lives a block from the bottom of Runyon Canyon park, where supposedly the stars are to be seen, so I head up to see what I can. I'm pretty sure I see Mark Duplass doing pushups, but I'm not entirely sure.

Then I take a nap and a shower and it is awesome.

At 4, we head over to our friend Billy's to pick him up. He makes videos for, and we're gonna shoot one! The place we're shooting is this really awesome loft/photography studio called The Forge with a stuffed bobcat and trophy animals and so on. I think it's going to look incredible! We play with guns.

We load the van back up (two flights of stairs, up and down—oof!) and head to Hollywood to check out the venue and get some food.

Hotel Cafe is a pretty awesome place, and sounds amazing. It's a little rough, because what crowd there is mostly clears out by the time we go on. But our friends are there, including three Portland refugees (Judah, Jimi, and Kristin!) who rock out with us.

Afterwards, shit gets pretty nuts. I know there was discussion of scissoring, breakdancing on the van, late night swimming. Oh wait, I think Kristin shot a video!

Whoa, OK. No wonder I do nothing today but lay by the pool at the Ace Hotel Palm Springs. It is specTACular.

CrossProcessed Photo

Leaving the room to head down to swim, I ask Judah to remind me to take my phone out of my pocket before I jump in the pool. Then we have a laugh about what kind of an idiot I would have to be to jump in the pool with my phone. Then I jump in the pool with my phone. Here it is on the bottom of the pool.



Now we're relaxing in the room pre-show, The Neighborhood is getting set up downstairs, so I'm gonna go watch! We're getting closer and closer!

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