The Seaworthies are rad, if a little nervous—they haven't played in a while, but their harmonies are so tight. This girl dances the whole time—spinning in carefree circles.

We play, and it is amazing. Everyone is super into it, and our set is really great. We sing happy birthday for Ken at Great Pacific and he keeps feeding us beers, which are delicious. The Blazers lose by 2 points, and we're not super bummed. That's how fun this show is. After the show, we go out to the Rainbow with the gang from Great Pacific. Whiskey! Jukebox! Pool! It's a very, very long night. Here's me, wearing lion slippers and a monkey suit in Peter's basement after we get back. Clearly, I've had a spot to drink. "Meat banana" is what you hear me asking for.

The next day, we have incredible bagels and do some bigtime shopping at Bargain Closet, the thrift store across the street from Great Pacific. The two old ladies take 20 minutes to check out this customer, but eventually we get our new merch suitcase, which is awesome.

The drive is pretty easy, and beautiful. Patrick kills it with the driving, and it feels like we're in Boise in no time. They let you smoke in bars here.

I need to go to bed, so I'm cutting this a bit short—the show is awesome. Spondee is amazing and poppy as heck and have great harmonies. A Seasonal Disguise is super rocking, amazing guitar, see them if/when they come through town.

Anyways, A Seasonal Disguise is rad enough to put us up, and I'm gonna catch some Zs before we head to Salt Lake City tomorrow. We miss every inch of you, Portland. Can't wait to be inside you again.

Big love,
Dirty Mittens.

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