We point you to Exhibit A of the surprise resolution [emphasis ours]:
Scope of Work

• Preparatory work for the future build out of Field Level restrooms near the Widmer concessions area.

• Install new urinals and associated plumbing on concourse level men's restrooms.

• Relocate electrical transformer behind outfield wall.

• Preparatory work for installation of foundation systems, including removal of eastern portion of field turf, removal of outfield wall and associated signage as well as surveying work.

• Survey, layout and other preparatory work related to the planned modifications to the south access road.
"stuff that can be done that can be undone,"
"Unless City Council has approved definitive documents between Permittee and the City for the renovation of the Property prior to the expiration or termination of this Permit, Permittee shall fully restore the Property to the same or better condition as existed immediately prior to the start of the work authorized under this Permit, provided that the City shall not require removal of any facility upgrades installed pursuant to the Scope of Work. Permittee shall repair any damage to the Permit Area or Property, including the Tanner Creek Sewer, caused by its exercise of its rights under this Permit and shall do so at Permittee's sole expense and to the satisfaction of the City. Sections of the existing field turf removed under this Permit must be replaced with new field turf of the same or better quality and must be warranted by Field Turf in accordance with the warranty on the existing Field Turf. Any work done at, on or in the Permit Area or Property shall be performed by Permittee in a careful and workmanlike manner using licensed, insured and bonded contractors."
the city will have a financial agreement with Paulson by that date.
a delicate sewer line, the Tanner Creek sewer, runs under PGE Park,
"Permittee shall cordon off the alignment of the Tanner Creek sewer as it runs underneath the park using barricades, cones or other devices. This is being required to minimize vehicle movements over the top of the alignment and to prevent the parking of vehicles or equipment over the sewer alignment. Permittee shall protect the sewer alignment when vehicles must cross the alignment by overlaying the alignment area with plywood or metal plates."
Paulsen v. Portland.