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Destroy Nate Allen: We Recommend Elko, Nevada (Boise to Casper, WY)

Destroy Nate AllenThe tunes of Jason Webley are powering us as we head up to Casper, Wyoming. Tonight we play a record store. It will be our first instore show on the tour. We had a hard time getting a show in Casper but people seem excited so I'm curious how things will turn out.

Today marks two weeks on tour. Week two was diverse. Our Boise show was moved last minute to our friend's mom's house. Apparently her dad is a contractor that makes colorful custom walls that are so smooth they felt soft. I was constantly tempted to press my face against them, which I did at least once. I think they said it was Venetian Plaster. It was pretty cool!

I've only known one band to ever play a show in Elko, Nev., which is located in northern Nevada, about 200 miles from anywhere. Our friends in Billy Mack Collector said we had to go to Elko and they were right. Tessa really wanted to visit a friend there that she hadn't seen in 13 years. As it turns out, Elko is a gold mining town, containing a few casinos, two art galleries, and one very good Sushi restaurant. Tessa's friend happened to be the head sushi chef at The Flying Fish. We were set to play at DLC Gallery/Bar—I almost broke two displays loading in. It was the owner's birthday and because of my dairy allergy I couldn't eat the pizza she was serving. She knew we wanted to eat at The Flying Fish but that it was way too pricey for us so she decided to buy us Sushi for dinner. It was surreal and incredible. After eating an amazing selection of the chef's choice of sushi it was time for the show. The show itself was pretty tame. After three low key singer songwriter sets things finally connected when Tessa and I went unplugged and started running around. Folks started buying things, not just those that saw the show, but anyone that heard we were in Elko. It was like folks were so thankful we came to Elko that they came over to buy merch on their lunch breaks. We met a lot of great people, and Elko definitely is a place we'll have to visit again. Our night ended with a visit to a trashy old casino to play two dollars in penny slots, have free cocktails and take a picture with the largest polar bear ever hunted down (a now “stuffed animal” that is over 10-inches tall). On our way out of town we stopped at a dollar store and discovered in the toy aisle, along with water guns and plastic action figures, a Beer Pong kit. It was at this point I knew I was no longer in Portland.

We've played quite a few shows in Salt Lake City over the years, often times to mixed results. This time we went with a new promoter and the show turned out to be a lot of fun. We combined tours for a night with our friend Erik who plays chaotic, noisy and literate “honesty folk” as Self-Proclaimed Narcissist. I've known Erik for almost 10 years and it was neat that we've gotten to play a few shows with him on his first U.S. tour. During our set I broke three or four strings and managed to tear the strap lock out of my guitar, taking a large chunk of wood with it. Nevertheless, our set ended in a pretty messy dance party and big sweaty singalong. We stayed up until about 5 am talking about nothing and laughing—and regretting out loud the long driving awaiting us in the morning. We woke up to breakfast being made for us and as far as I'm concerned as long as I get to eat hash browns and drink coffee in the morning life is pretty good even if you've got a pounding headache from three hours of sleep.

As we were packing up our merch in the morning, Tessa discovered that mice had eaten holes in some of our t-shirts, but only the orange ones. Perhaps they thought it was cheese?

After a solid nine hours on the road we rolled into Ft. Collins to play a bar show in a college town the Monday night after homecoming weekend. This is never a good sign. Insomniac Folklore's set was moving in a passionate direction, when Tyler kicked his lamp across the bar. That made the drunken jocks exiting the bar cheer as they left. Everyone was a little surprised when the bulb shattered and glass ended up just about everywhere. This irritated the staff and sombered the night up. Poor Tyler didn't know his own strength, he only meant to gently knock the lamp over, not cause chaos and mayhem. We ended up playing our set in front of four active listeners, who we we're very grateful for.

The next night we played an all-ages DIY tinged coffee shop in South Denver. The Taxpayers had recommended it and the show was fun. The highlight for us was meeting with Portland-based Seth Martin for the night. It's always nice to meet up with friends on the road.

3 Kings Tavern finished off our Denver shows for the year. In the van on the way to the show we started singing the Christmas carol “We Three Kings”—only to notice a statue of a camel on the side of the road as we sang. It was neat. It had been really hard to find locals to play with in Denver, but things came together a few days earlier and the show turned out to be pretty great. 3 Kings had one of the nicest staffs of any bar we've played and came highly recommended.

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