Is it a rule that the best multimedia content always comes in on Tuesday morning? I have to admit, it's nice to wake up and find good stuff like this in my inbox and on the Internet. These two videos are notable for two reasons: 1) Starfucker plays a brand new song (the sugar-coated electropop romp "Mystery Cloud") in its freakin' basement and 2) The Thermals got Lance Bangs to direct a music video again. The Starfucker video—number 30 in the "Feels Like Home" series on the Into The Woods website—starts out a little somber, as if Josh Hodges and Co. are just waking up or ate a few too many donuts before the shoot, but the song explodes by the end segment and shows just how instrumental the band's rhythm section is to new record Reptilians. The Thermals video is hazy and nostalgic, shot on Kodak's Kodachrome film, which the company is no longer developing. Also, "Never Listen To Me" is easily my favorite song on last year's Personal Life. Bonus points for a dancing Maggie Vail and Alberta Poon.