Full grown men with full grown facial hair came far and wide--from Florida to Eugene to from down the stree--to participate in the first annual West Coast Beard and Mustache Competition Sunday at Portland's Crystal Ballroom. Dudes donning greased-up goatees and flowing chin hair worthy of Rumpelstiltskin all lumbered on stage like a bunch of bloated beauty queens after a bar crawl. They wore flair to accompany their hair–a man dressed as Honest Abe fooled me, a dude in a gnome hat with a portable grass patch, a gun totin' Texan and a guy wearing a tee that read "this is my beer drinking shirt" all competed against each other in six different categories including "Freestyle Mustache" and "Partial Beard."

The goal? One of the event's organizers, Portland's Stumptown Stache and Beard Collective, says it's to "to dominate [both] the National and World Beard and Mustache Championships and to rage til we drop!" According to SSBC's Justin Cate, the Portland competition was not affiliated with either the National or World events (the World event is in Norway this May), but many of the participants will be traveling to compete in both of those competitions as well. As for last Sunday's beard bash: People won, people lost and there was more hair than people. It was kind of gross.

Here's a full list of winners—congrats to home state facial hero Paul De Leone, who won for his "natural mustache" as well as all the other Top 3 winners from Oregon.

Natural Mustache1 Paul De Leone, Redmond OR2 Handy Andy (Andy Lewandoski), Aloha OR3 Luke Christian, PortlandPartial Beard1 Chris Noe, San Francisco CA2 Alan Edwards, Monmouth OR3 Bricks Barber, PortlandFull Nat. Beard w/Styled Mustache1 Burke Kenny, Olympia WA2 Allen Demling, Austin TX3 Joshua Milligan, PortlandFull Nat. Beard1 Jack Passion, Bay Area CA2 Guy Leech, Portland3 Andrew Shuler, PortlandFreestyle Mustache1 Steve Scarpa, Tehachapi CA2 Jeffrey Moustache, Santa Monica CA3 Herr Schwantzkopf (Keith Haubrich), Seattle WAFreestyle Beard1 Alex LaRoche, Austin TX2 Brandon Biggins, Philadelphia PA3 Jamie Cummings, Portland