Comcast SportsNet Northwest will premiere the second season of its regional reality show Wanted on Tuesday, Feb. 1 at 10 pm. Wanted II: Adventure Woman will be similar to the first season, except, ahem, "this time around, no men allowed!”

The grand prize is the opportunity to become the host of a similar show on Comcast SportsNet. The premise seems to be that women competing against each other “
in a variety of challenging outdoor activities, all the while being judged on their personality and ability to be a TV host.” Challenges will include swimming, biking, hiking, rowing, etc. Which, really, sounds a lot more entertaining/less degrading than Bridalplasty.

The activities will often be arranged back-to-back in extreme obstacle courses to test the speed, strength, and endurance of the competitors. The winner will not only be able to meet the physical demands of the contest, but also be able to charm the judges with a marvelous personality. The roster of judges will include Brian Wheeler of the Northwest School of Survival, and Tao Berman, who Sports Illustrated
once named “the best-known kayaker on the planet.” Other judges include KINK.FM Morning Show co-host Sheila Hamilton and returning Wanted host Laura Kristi. “There’s no crying in adventure hosting,” says Hamilton. “It’s crucial that the contestants bring 150% of their personality, toughness and wit to the competition.”

“We want someone who has knowledge of the outdoors, [and] the physical capability to accomplish anything we throw at her,” explains Kristi. “We are looking for a chick that literally has it all!”