There were many, many reasons to mourn when Ten 01 closed at the beginning of January. The restaurant had among the best waiters, bartenders and kitchen staff in town, an excellent happy hour and confit duck wings in hot sauce, among other delights. But the real blow, as far as I'm concerned, was the temporary unavailability of pastry chef Jeff McCarthy's amazing concoctions. Since 2008 (or so), the gregarious confectioner has made some of my favorite desserts in Portland: popcorn icecream, moist hazelnut cake, the world's best olive oil beignets and of course his flourless chocolate cake, the very mention of which still makes my wife's eyes glaze over. So I greet the news that McCarthy will join the team at Tabla, Ten 01's sister restaurant, with ecstatic ululation. McCarthy made Tabla's desserts while Ten 01 was still a going concern, and they were excellent, though markedly different in style from his menu at the shuttered restaurant. Congrats, Jeff. You'll be seeing us soon.
[via Eater PDX]