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WW's Best Movies of '09: The Podcast (Part II)

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WW's breathlessly erudite troupe of film critics (that would be me, Chris Stamm, AP Kryza, Alistair Rockoff and Ali Rothschild) returns for the second of three podcasts debating the best movies of the year.

In this installment (it follows this one, and is subdivided into two audio files because the tape recorder ran out of room), we discuss some of more unlikely favorites -- such as Confessions of a Shopaholic, to use the first example that springs to mind -- while confessing the disreputable flicks we loved and admitting the reviews we got wrong this year. Topics addressed: Orphan, being hit in the head by a skateboard, vampires, The Headless Woman, fat people who write on the Internet, Jesse Eisenberg, misogyny.

A warning: This is the point in the conversation where the booze began to kick in.

The first bit.
The second bit.

Look for one more conversation on Monday!
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