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Whether you fancy the grape or the barley, The Hop & Vine on North Killingsworth is that rare spot that caters to geeks on both sides of the aisle and they had a grand opening of sorts this past weekend.

Beervana is rife with spaces that double as beer bars and bottleshops. If you don't have one directly in your hood yet, just wait a little bit. The list starts with Belmont Station and includes notables such as Bottles on Northeast Fremont, BeerMongers on Southeast Division Street and Saraveza on North Killingsworth. Yep, a mere six blocks away, albeit opposite sites of I-5, Hop and Vine is ready to debut its bottle shop properly.

Yetta Vorobik opened the Hop & Vine in August, 2008. By October, Sara Pederson opened Saraveza. "The relationship that we have with Saraveza is awesome. For the most part…we have a similar concept but our themes are very different," says Vorobik, who is excited to show off the stores 350 bottles of beers, 350 bottles of wine, and then there's all that cider, sake, and mead, too (big not only with the Ren-Faire set but with the gluten-free crowd, too.)

Saturday's event celebrated the opening of the larger bottle shop in the space previously doubling as an art gallery. Vorobik considers this more of the "opening," saving the "grand" part for when she fulfills her vision of stocking 1,000 bottles of hop and vine juices. 

GO: Hop & Vine, 1914 N Killingsworth, 954-3322.