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Video Roundup! Beth Ditto, AgesandAges, Eternal Tapestry and, uh, Justin Bieber?!

beth dittoBeth Ditto
Madonna homages. Asshole teenagers. Sci-fi acid trips. Justin Bieber singing about his testicles, or lack thereof. Why, it must be the week in new Portland music videos! Let's get to the ocular explosion!

Beth Ditto, "I Wrote The Book"

In this tribute (not ripoff *cough* "Born This Way" *cough*) to Ms. Ciccone and her hornirific "Justify My Love" video (with references to the "Vogue" vid as well), Gossip front-diva (and apparent cat fancier) Beth Ditto wanders through a hotel room staffed entirely by studly male models in body stockings. The retro-New Wavey dance track, produced by the guys from Simian Mobile Disco, is from her upcoming self-titled solo EP that drops March 8.

UPDATE: So YouTube pulled the video (it's not set to go wide until Friday), but you can still view it here, courtesy of SPIN.

AgesandAges, "Navy Parade (Escape from the Black River Bluffs)"

AgesandAges singer Tim Perry starts off at an AA meeting, goes to the doctor's office and his job slinging slop for ungrateful teenagers in a school cafeteria, forcing him to relapse at the bar and end up, with the rest of his bandmates, singing at Cathedral Park. Directed by photographer and former Mississippi Studios booker Alicia J. Rose, who is also working on a new video for the Brent Knopf-less Menomena.

Eternal Tapestry, "Galactic Derelict"

Would you expect anything less than a spacey mind-meld from psychedelic freaks Eternal Tapestry? In this video for the -- excuse the use of this overused term, but it certainly applies in this case -- epic "Galactic Derelict," from the band's Thrill Jockey debut Beyond the 4th Door (coming March 15), clips from obscure old sci-fi flicks are stitched together for maximum stoniness.

And then there's, uh, this:

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