As if former KUFO staffers Sarah X. Dylan and Greg Nibler weren't busy enough drinking 40s of malt liquor and talking about disturbing topics like Lifetime TV movies on their excellent podcast Funemployment Radio, the duo tonight adds a new line to their joint résumé: TV show hosts. 

The pair debuts Sportlandia, an online "live sports show with a Portland twist" tonight on Trail Blazers TV. They'll be at Spirit of 77 this afternoon at 4 pm to shoot the show, which I hope will include at least a round or two of Pop-A-Shot and innumerable "Ball Talk" jokes.

In related news, Dylan let us know that Funemployment also recently released its epic album Romancing the Spammer for download on iTunes and CD Baby. It's explaining it as a "humorous reading of one man's back-and-forth letters to an actual email spammer," but it's far more amazing and bizarre than that...

WATCH: Sportlandia streams live at 4 pm Friday, Feb. 18, at Or, go hang out at the broadcast at Spirit of 77, 500 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd., 232-9977.