You may have noticed that we don't do a ton of ticket giveaways here at LocalCut. That's because a pair of $10 concert tickets doesn't always seem like the biggest win in the world. But when we can hook our most creative reader up with two tickets to see Usher at the Rose Garden on Thursday, May 26? You can bet that's a contest we're excited about. I mean, it's Usher. Living legend, R&B savior, silver lining of a terrible Superbowl Halftime show USHER. Oh, and did we mention Akon is with him? Yup, the bras are going to be flying.

So here's the contest, plain and simple. The most impressive piece of fan art (ANY kind of art: line drawings, paintings, songs, photographs, poems, etc.) that you send to us in the next week will win two tickets to see Ush at the RG. That's it! Plain and simple! Let's get it on!

Send your art entries to me, cjarman [at] wweek [dot] com with a subject line of USHER CONTEST. Next Tuesday, we'll have a panel of WW's finest art critics (or whoever's around) decide on our single favorite piece of work. The top two runners-up will get swag of our choice.

So whaddya think? Can U Get with It? Are you ready to get Caught Up, say Yeah! and make Love In This Club?

If you are not the creative type, we'd encourage you to buy your Usher/Akon tix while they last. If you've been living in a cave and don't know who Usher and Akon are (sorry, dad) here's a video to get you all excited.