Remember when U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) said a couple years ago that his 1996 vote for the federal Defense of Marriage Act was the worst vote of his congressional career?

Turns out the Obama administration now thinks lawmakers like Blumenauer were on to something when they realized the federal act (better known as DOMA) against same-sex marriage rights was a bad idea. The administration announced today it wants the U.S. Justice Department to stop defending DOMA in court.

Advocates of same-sex marriage rights such as Freedom to Marry president and founder Evan Wolfson are praising the move.

“The administration today acknowledges that there is no legitimate reason for this discrimination and therefore it cannot be defended under the Constitution," Wolfson said in a news release, calling today's announcement. "a momentous step forward toward Freedom to Marry's goal of ending federal marriage discrimination and fully protecting all loving and committed couples.”