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David Wu Dodges Print Reporters, Appears on TV, Says Ex-Staffers are "Not Physicians"

David Wu at KATUDavid Wu spoke last month with Portland television stations but declined to answer questions from print reporters at Willamette Week and The Oregonian.

U.S. Rep David Wu sat for interviews with KGW and KATU Saturday morning but dodged questions from Willamette Week and Oregonian reporters outside the TV stations.

On television, however, the Oregon Democrat admitted that the series of bizarre emails from his federally issued BlackBerry in the early morning hours of Oct. 30 were in fact from him. Until now, that fact had remained unclear, because the emails were signed as if they were from Wu's 13-year-old son and younger daughter. "You’re the best, but my Dad made me say that, even though you threatened to shut down his campaign," one such email read.

Wu declined to answer questions from both television stations about what medical condition he may have, saying even a congressman deserves some privacy. Last week, WW reported that the seven-term congressman's staffers had urged him to seek psychiatric help in the days before the Nov. 2 election. Following that report, Wu said publicly he had sought appropriate medical help, including counseling and medication.  He said today that his ex-staffers were "not physicians."

Wu also said today he was unsure what painkiller he took from a campaign donor on Oct. 26 when he says he suffered from severe neck spasms. He said that if others claim to know what the painkiller was, "then they know more than I do."

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