What happens when you put together members of the Joggers, Guidance Counselor and the Wild Ones, and ask them to write a song?

According to the demo below from new Portland supergroup Nightmoves, you get a kick-ass, straight-up hard rock track you can pump your fists and/or crotch to.

"The objective from the beginning has been to try and bring elements of radio rock from our childhoods back into the fold here, as opposed to some of the current trends around town," explains singer-guitarist Jake Morris in an e-mail. "I have no idea if it works or not but we are just trying to have fun with it."

Although it would appear to have come together overnight, Morris says the idea of the new band has been kicking around between him and bassist Jay Winnebrenner for about six months. The lineup is rounded out by Morris's fellow Jogger guitarist Daniel Wilson and Andy Parker of Guidance Counselor and the Wild Ones on drums.    

While "Wrecking Ball" certainly holds true to the band's professed goal -- even on a four-track, it comes across like a classic, pounding rock tune, with tough power-pop riffage and not one but two fiery guitar solos -- Morris insists it's not completely indicative of the foursome's sound.

"A big part of this band so far is to try and keep things as democratic as possible," he writes. "Therefore, all the songs are pretty different."

At this point, Morris can't say if there's an actual album on the horizon, as everyone has multiple other projects to worry about, but the band will make its live debut this Thursday at Holocene with Archers and World's Greatest Ghosts. Start those neck exercises now -- I see a lot of headbanging in your near future.