It was a uniquely Portland crime—sometime between the evening of Saturday, Feb. 26 and the morning of Monday, Feb. 28, someone stole Chris Stauffer's bike. Off the top of Stauffer's food cart.

Stauffer, who owns Stevie's Chicken N' Waffles, located on Northeast Martin Luther King Boulevard off Northeast Lombard Street, arrived at work Monday morning, Feb. 28 to discover that the 400-pound, blinking yellow sign that had once topped his cart had been shoved to the ground. And the gold Schwinn low-rider bicycle, once chained to the sign, was gone.

Stauffer has been prowling Craigslist since to check if anyone has listed the bike for sale. And today he launched a blog to aid the search. He said he plans to plaster fliers around the area as well.

The theft drew local TV coverage, which in turn attracted customers, Stauffer said. Food Carts Portland also posted the news on its Facebook page Monday evening, drawing additional diners.

"People are bummed out," Stauffer said. "Other people were expecting it to happen, because the neighborhood is kind of bad. But we're at such a busy intersection, so I didn't think it would be possible."

The pod that hosts Stevie's Chicken N' Waffles and four other carts is located across the street from a 24-hour Arco gas station.

Stauffer estimated the bike is worth between $250 and $500. He said he would offer a cash reward of $75 to $150 for its safe return.