Photo: Christina Cooke

"It's about riding a bicycle and going as fast as you can and drinking beer when you're done,” he says.
Turns out, cyclocross really is a ton of fun. But there are some things you should know. These are the lessons I came away with:


Photo: Laura Cooke
Cross Crusade race series schedule:
  • Race 2: October 10 —Rainier High School, Rainier, OR
  • Race 3: October 17—Sherwood Forest Equestrian Center, Sherwood, OR
  • Race 4: October 24 —Portland International Raceway, Portland, OR
  • Race 5: October 30—Clatsop County Fairgrounds, Astoria, OR
  • Race 6: October 31—Clatsop County Fairgrounds, Astoria, OR
  • Race 7: November 7—Washington County Fair Complex, Hillsboro, OR
  • Race 8: November 14 —Barton Park, Barton, OR