President Obama's unsurprising announcement this morning that he will seek re-election in 2012 makes us curious what our readers think about his chances next year.

To frame that question a bit more, consider that three Democratic presidents have sought election from the White House in the last half-century: Lyndon Johnson in 1964, Jimmy Carter in 1980 and Bill Clinton in 1996.

This leads you to believe which of the following statements most closely resembles what will happen in 2012:

1) It's 1964 all over again when Barry Goldwater was the Republican nominee and LBJ won in a landslide. The GOP will again nominate somebody in 2012 so far right that Obama will win in a landslide.

2) It's 1980 all over again when Carter was badly damaged by stagflation and the Iran hostage crisis and Ronald Reagan was a glib contrast as the Republican nominee. The GOP will nominate a similar candidate in 2012 to make the case that America can do better on the economy and foreign policy.

3) It's 1996 all over again when Clinton managed to make the Republican congressional majorities look out of the mainstream and the Republicans nominated a boring lifer in Bob Dole as their candidate. Obama faces a similar dynamic in 2012 with Republicans controlling the House and the GOP likely to nominate a dull candidate.