White Fang's Road Dawgs Road Manual. Reporting live from Day 4.

Van breakdowns: 1
Shows cancelled: 1
Shows relocated: 1
Pulled over: 1
Fast food chains visited: 1
Met 4 pugs: 1
Hours driven: 25

We are playing tonight in Denver, CO at Rhinocerapolis. We plan to stay with our friend Trevor of the band Woodsman. We will get stoned most of the day and will drink most of the night. Filling up on gas now and about to hit the treacherous pass between Grand Junction and Denver.

Last night we played at a house where everyone gave us nugs of dope and the beer flowed endlessly. There was a child with a mohawk at one point. We left a poster of ourselves taped up in the patio.

Some girls were VERY bummed that we wouldn't dance to their 2006 iPod playlist, but it was fine. We didn't care.

We got pulled over by a British cop??

We stayed with some very rad older skater dudes (two brothers- Nate and AK) who had a deeply awesome compound with complete with an jaw-droppingly cozy studio/bar, a limo, and 4 pugs.

I'm eating Cheetos cuz I like that shit.

Next up is Lawrence, KS.



The open road.

Kyle asleep after driving 12 hours during the darkest night through a severe snow storm, fueled by study drugs and a semi-busted tape player.

Broadie/video documentarian Brian Echon asleep on the job.

Merch packed up. New tour shirts (available on marriagerecs.com for the Portland homies) copies of "Grateful to Shred" on 12-inch LP and CD, the "Younger" 7-inch EP, the BOOM!/White Fang split 7-inch, hella Gnar Tapes, posters, books, and shit. And a huge bass drum.