Pulled over: 2

Threatened with drug dogs: 1

Van breakdowns: 2

Transmissions shot-to-shit: 1

Nights at Motel 6: 1

Shows cancelled: 2

Record labels trying to rescue us: 1

[8 am, Wednesday] I'm at a Motel 6 in Hays, KS with four other tired boys and an immobile van. Yesterday was a tough day. We got pulled over by some red-haired cop who said he smelled "dope" in the van. He began to threaten us with drug dogs and even pulled Brian out of the van to question him. We all told him we had nothing but he said he was going to go call the dog and he walked back to his cruiser. We all looked at each other like "FUCK" and sat in silence. Then I noticed something wonderful, maybe even miraculous; we were pulled over by milepost 420. A couple minutes later and the cop comes back to tell us the dog is eight miles behind and is busy with a possible 10 lb bust. So he let's us go—and cuz Jimmy didn't look high. But he was.

We thought we were as good as gold but less than an hour later the van stops moving. After AAA sent out a tow—who tried to refill our transmission fluid—we discovered our van's transmission was shot. Not only would we be missing our show in Kansas City, MO that night but we were stranded in nowhere. Luckily the tow trucker, a country and blues man by the name of Mike, agreed to talk us another 150 miles (for about that many dollars) to the town of Hays.

So now the most up to date news of tour:

We are stranded in Kansas. We need a new transmission. We have a show in Lawrence, KS tonight. Will we make it?