Day 12


Straight up, last night's show was amazing; a tour highlight. You have to hand it to small towns for bringing the love. We played at this beautiful three floor warehouse space in Dover, OH called the Dover Ballroom.

Since it was a Monday night they had a Garfield theme going and there was lasagna and unlimited beer. Everyone was super stoked and happy to be having fun. We sold a shit ton of everything and they gave us all the door. The band who lives there, called State Bird (who apparently played 12 hours away the day before, opening for Daniel Johnston!), was so rad to us. They even gave us our own fucking baggy of weed one of the dude's brothers grows just south of Humbloldt County; we were deeply touched by that.

Chris sleeps at the Dover Ballroom in Dover, OH. This was our favorite show of tour so far. Textbook example of small town love. More on that in my next post later today.

The world is coming to an end.

Day 13

We've eaten so many pizzas, drank so many beers, drove so many miles, met so many radical people. smoked so many bowls, stayed up so many hours and played so many shows that it now seems we are finally, totally, utterly and completely IN THE ZONE.

You've read the past entries. At this point, I can't really relate to you any statistics. I also think the tour has entered a second phase-

Chapter 2: EAST COAST

Part 1: The Insertion

Sometimes a show can be weird. It can be cool while also being weird, but cool usually means funny to us.

The men's bathroom at SOUNDLAB in Buffalo, NY was such a shithole that no shithole was to be found there, at least not for the relief of any of the Fang boys; The women's bathroom was very nice though. We put a bunch of Marriage stickers on the walls of the stalls. Wud up fam?

The show was a bar with no liquor, only beer. Hmm. There was a nice green room but nobody told us about it until the end when they asked us if we liked it.

We stayed with the promoter in a really rad apartment with plenty of floor space and a futon. We got a huge Buffalo style pizza, which was so good. But you know what? If you haven't had Buffalo wings in Buffalo then you should. I don't know what you would do in Buffalo if you weren't playing a show there, though; being in a band is my only perspective sometimes.

What else are you supposed to do after a show in Buffalo besides Buffalo wings and Buffalo style pizza? Honestly, it was fucking dank.

Apparently no one can beat me. Don't get caught up in the crossfire! Honestly, it was fucking dank.

We ate a lot. I was hardly interested in drinking. I think I was pretty far behind the band in beers. Not that far, probably.

Woke up at like 11 am, so like fucking 8 am in west coast time (which I'm still completely operating on), took showers, had coffee, cold pizza and a wing, packed the truck, visited a rad skateshop and gave them a copy of GTS, filled the tank, hit the highway. 250 miles to NYC.

The big knucklehead is stoked to go to the Big Apple.

Playing at Silent Barn tonight, which other bands keep telling us rules. Word.

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