I've been putting together listing for the many Easter events happening in Portland this year, but couldn't include this one because for some reason it's happening the week before Easter:

The IKEA Restaurant—a long-time standby for insanely cheap food and a respite from impulse-buying lampshades and dodging screaming children—is holding a "Påskbord Celebration": a $9.99 all-you-can-eat Swedish smörgåsbord ($2.49 for kids), with live music and a Scandinavian dance performance. An event with that many foreign characters can't be wrong.

The robot lady on the IKEA Customer Care Line couldn't tell me any more than this, but the IKEA in West Chester, at least, will be serving delicacies such as hardboiled eggs with lumpfish roe, smoked salmon with horseradish sauce, Swedish meatballs with lingonberries, and vasterbotten cheese. Hell, even if it's just all-you-can-eat hot dogs and cinnamon buns, it's a good deal.

She did say that seating was limited, so you'll need to go the store to buy a ticket.

As they apparently say in Sweden: Rolig Påsk!

GO: IKEA Portland, 10280 NE Cascades Parkway, 282-4532, ikea.com. 5-8:30 pm, $9.99 adults, $2.49 children.