Americans for Prosperity Oregon has launched a series of TV ads highlighting the retirement benefits of current and past public employees in the state.

Among the foils targeted in the ads run by AFP Oregon, a conservative political action group led by former State Rep. Jeff Kropf (R-Sublimity) are former state Rep. Larry Galizio (D-Tigard), now the president of Clatsop Community College; and former state Sen. Margaret Carter (D-Portland), now a senior official at the Department of Human Services.

Others spotlighted in the ads are Lindsay Ball, a longtime high-level state official who most recently led the Oregon Wireless Interoperative Network; former state Sen. Jane Cease (D-Portland), a retired director of the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles; and former state Sen. John Minnis (R-Wood Village), whose post-legislative job as head of the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training ended in a sexual harassment scandal last year.

The ads are airing on CNN, MSNBC and traditional network TV. 

Here's the Galizio ad: