Day 17

What the fuck is up!

I'm basically texting this from my phone in the back of the 420 Bus (our big red truck) on the sunny, stony highway to Charlottesville, VA.

The last I wrote we had ruled it in Buffalo. We went to NYC after that and played two shows. The first was at Silent Barn in Brooklyn. Its a smaller warehouse space with a basement. We played with our new friend (and long time Gnar Tapes customer woot woot!) Jesse Carseten. Homie's got a rad half-bleached punk ass hairdo. Lovin' that dude.

The other band had a Kimya Dawson shirt on but I only saw the K shield at first and I was all like "sick shirt yo" but homeboy turned around and I was all like "oh dang" but it's chill. I did really like the Moldy Peaches.

Anyway that show was fun and we drank tequila in the truck. The dude from Sewn Leather was at the show but I didn't know and thought he left his shit there. I traded him a "For the Weed Smokers" Gnar Tape for what I assume was his newer tape. I'm not sure cuz I traded without him knowing. He probably knows now.

We spent the night at our friend Anney from the Artistery's place in Brooklyn. We had to lug all of our shit up the two huge flights of steps to her apartment. We crashed out and packed up the truck assuming we were going to Philly. I emailed Marriage to ask for an address for the show. A few minutes later I received word the show was cancelled cuz the venue was shut down. That sucked but in the end it turned out pretty nice.

We had a BBQ on the roof of the apartment and that was one of the best moments of the tour yet. We drank brass monkeys and whiskey, tequila, etc. We got drunk. We hate Sabrett hot dogs.

A BBQ view of Chris, through a well placed bathroom skylight

A BBQ view of Erik in the city

Later that night I ended up throwing my back out. I was laid out most of the next day. Luckily, through stretching and perseverance, I was able to pull through and play our show that night in Williamsburg.

Before the show, however, we were drinking beer in the truck and an unmarked car with plain clothes cops rolls up and starts pointing their flashlights at us. They opened up our doors without asking and just started poking around, asking if we had weed. Ha! But we didn't!

We had purchased some from a young man at the BBQ the night before. It was an expensive and short sack. It was decent quality though and it helped me through my back crisis. But we smoked all that shit way earlier!

So the cops made us sit and wait as they filled out open container tickets for all of us. Lame. I liked their accents, though.

Our show was fun and people seemed into it but I was having too much fun to care. The venue, called Monster Island, was so sick. The show was booked by Todd P, who has quite a reputation for setting up well attended shows. He played some old Marriage shit before our show. He gave us a GANG of drink tickets. I liked him.

Then something wonderful happened. A young man approached me as we were loading the truck. I was pretty drunk but was in a great zone for conversation. He offered to sell me weed. I told him it was expensive and didn't think my band would be down. He says he'll charge me PDX price since he liked our show. I said duh, hook it up. He pulled his shirt up and produced a fanny pack from underneath. He pulled out a VERY DECENT sized bag. He charged me a VERY DECENT price. It was some VERY DECENT dope. Then he disappeared into the night.

Who was this spirit of the highest aural generosity? Maybe what the Mennonites might call an angel? But that would suggest his origins were divine and he was definitely of this plane. A street homie with a chronic sense of friendship. I wonder what good shit he's gonna hook up next.

But let me get back on track.

We stayed one more night in NYC before we left for Baltimore. The road to Baltimore was expensive. So many toll roads. We literally spent all of the money we made in NY on tolls and gas.

But let me say that Baltimore more than made up for that. The venue we played is called Floristree. It's kind of secret. Not to the kids, but from the people who might make something good like that stop. The address isn't printed. It's on the 6th floor of a warehouse. It's very large. The people rule. This is a highly fruitful city full of many well known and loved bands. We played with Weekends, whose record release it also happened to be. Those dudes were way chill. Run DMT also played, who'd I'd heard on a compilation my bud Jeremy put out last Summer. His name is Mike and that rad bad dude let us stay with him, at yet ANOTHER sick upperfloor warehouse space. (He also later took us to a fried rice and french fries place. WTF.)

While it rained in NYC, Baltimore was beautiful. Last night's show here was among the best of tour.

Our set was so fun. The sound was good and there was a really great response; they danced and poured beer into my mouth. There was a lot of people and we made enough money to keep us going for the next couple days. Baltimore is so rad.

Chris, surprised in Baltimore

People waiting in line to see us in Baltimore

We have a show tonight in Charlottesville, VA. At a house. So stoked. Love you bye.