PART 3- The South

Day 19

Boy howdy is it warm down here! We've been trippin' on missing all that tornado shit. It seems like we just missed it!

We played in Thomas Jefferson's hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia at a house called Magnolia. The people who lived there were awesome and we drank about 50 beers between the five of us. Holy cow. The porch was epic. A crusty old southern punk with a rad, sweet dog played John Prine and Dead Milkmen covers with this hippie metal kid with a fiddle. We watched softcore porn before bed.

The next day we went to Chapel Hill and got to finally meet Gnar Tapes' biggest fan, Jared Yeaman and his lovely girlfriend Erin. He lives next door to a very loud and very large black woman whose kids were nothing short of fascinated with Kyle and his red hair and guitar.

Kyle gives guitar lessons.

Erin made really dank sandwiches. We played at a rad space called the Nightlight. We drank beer in the truck and smoked joints before bed.

Now we're in our shorts and t-shirts driving through South Carolina, on our way to Athens. We're playing at the house our broadie/tour documentor Brian Echon used to live. They have food for us. We're very stoked.

Viva la Spring Tour '11 !!!


Day 21

City: Orlando, FL
Temperature: 90
Beer drank last night: so much
Whiskey drank last night: so much
Pools broken into at 2 AM: 1
Free tickets to Disney World: 5

That's right motherfuckers, we're in the parking lot of Disney. I know where we are.

It's giant here. And so warm. We played a KILLER show last night in Orlando with our Florida friends Tam Tam, Alias Punch, and Telethon, who all run a label called Glowmobile.

The people were beautiful and the crowd was awesome. The other bands gave us all the door. We went to a great afterparty. We broke into a pool by climbing two huge fences. We got baked and naked; it got kind of Greek.

The semi-obscure, unofficial marijuana quasi-holiday also marked our new album's US and European releases. All in all, yesterday was one of the best days of tour.

Some other highlights:

- At a gas station in South Carolina I found one of these; I ate most of one and we had to pull over cuz I wanted to throw it up. A family at the gas station got a kick out of it. We peeled out after.

- Chris got the Big Box from Taco Bell. And thought it was great.

- The staff at Stardust Video and Coffee drink Patron behind the bar.

- NPR said it was "National High Five Day."

- Dadricar came from Portland and saw our show.

- A drunken Brian shaved at the afterparty.

- The dude in high school who used to pick up little kids and hold 'em upside down; The dude who would physically lift and carry away a visiting middle schooler; The dude who nakedly chased at least one other dude...our buddy Dakota is the dude who got us free tickets to Disney.



Drinkin' and ridin' in the Souf.

Version 2.666

Strong man stroke me.