A brief note: The song featured at the top of this post was sent randomly from White Fang's email account to a dozen or so of its contacts. The band has not provided context for the rap, nor have we asked for context—really, it speaks for itself. Also, the Disneyland shot should technically be retro-fitted for the last tour diary, but we liked it so much we just put it here. -Ed.

Day 23

A short word on Florida and our visit there.

Cops are everywhere there but they left us and our big red truck alone.

Gainesville, FL is cool because the people there are down. The weed is fantastic there. The Cubano sandwiches are wicked tasty. The humidity is rank. JT is a chill dude. His venue, The Exchange, is word. Because of Disneyworld, we didn't get to the show until 1 AM. Tam Tam, our new favorite jangle pop band (who also played our show in Orlando) totally waited for us to start. Nina of Tam Tam is the who showed us how to break into that pool in Orlando.

Panama City, FL, home of Spring Break, is disgustingly humid. The beach is absolutely incredible though. The Gulf of Mexico is where you swim and its like 70 degree water. The waves are big and we didn't see much oil; just a lot of ass. Jeff is a chill dude. The venue there, Zach's American Grill, hooked it up PHAT with cheese fries, covered in bacon. Crazy. Jeff let us stay at his apartment. His AC ruled. His dad was in bed with a hernia; he likes rock and roll. Jeff's cat made Kyle and I very afraid for our air mattress.

We went to Panama City Beach today and ruled it.

Now I'm drinking Budweiser at all the rest stops to New Orleans. See ya there!


Day 25

"Chillin with Tony"

Last night we rolled into Houston, TX and Fat Tony got us in to the Sleigh Bells and CSS show at a place called Warehouse Live. Its like the Crystal Ballroom but more modern and dumb. The bands were not my thing. The drinks were expensive. But I had a good time.

Our host, Houston rapper Fat Tony, is a wonderful dude. When we're with him we drink Carlo Rossi and his mom makes us food. He lives in the neighborhood Beyonce grew up in; she lived a block over. 

New Orleans was sick too. They gave all of us, including Brian, unlimited PBR. The bands were funny, but not bad. The venue, Siberia, is apparently the spot, and the sound is decent. There were people drinking all over the streets. We stayed with an awesome couple who play in a band called City Babies. They had dogs and a lizard and a pool.

Now we're chilling in the AC room playing with a keyboard and blowing smoke rings. We're all pretty stoked to play tonight; the venue sounds very lax.

Tonight! Houston, TX!

Tomorrow! Austin, TX!



Houston area rapper and A+ host, Fat Tony shows us his cassette tat.

Jimmy dances alone at the Sleigh Bells/CSS show Fat Tony got us into on our first night in Houston.

Gulf of Mexico.

Strange bridges of the South.


The Magic Kingdom.