Last week's print edition of WW looked at 10 earmarks Mayor Sam Adams and city commissioners wanted in the mayor's upcoming budget. Today Adams unveiled his $400-plus million spending proposal for the fiscal year that starts July 1. Here are the winners and losers from among the 10 groups we highlighted last week.


Oregon Food Bank: Adams upped Commissioner Randy Leonard's $75,000 request for needy families to $100,000. If approved, the payment would double the contribution Portland made last year to the food bank.

High School Sports Fields: Commissioner Nick Fish sought $400,000 to pay for improved playing fields at Portland schools. The mayor proposes setting aside $300,000 for that purpose.

David Douglas High School SUN Program: To support a new Schools Uniting Neighborhood (or SUN) School in the David Douglas School District, Adams pledged $100,000. He's keeping his word. (Multnomah County is also likely to pledge $25,000 for the program.)

Black Parent Initiative: Commissioner Dan Saltzman asked for—and got—a $100,000 pledge for the educational advocacy group.

CASH Oregon: The group known as Creating Assets, Savings and Hope will get $75,000 this upcoming year (like this current year) if commissioners approve the mayor's budget.

VOZ Day Laborer Center: The brainchild of former Mayor Tom Potter, the center appears poised to get the $25,000 Leonard requested for it.

The Portland Rose Festival Foundation: Temporary toilets will be available during the annual Rose Festival thanks to a $20,000 proposed contribution from the mayor.


Portland Loos: Leonard won't get the $352,000 he needs for four new public loos, but he will get $152,000 for two.

Japanese Garden Society of Oregon: The 44-year-old park in Northwest Portland wanted $500,000 to support an expansion plan. Adams proposes to give the non-profit $40,000. That's far less than the $19.2 million the garden needs to execute its plan, but also more than, well, nothing.

CARES Northwest: Leonard asked for $100,000 for the regional non-profit that assesses possible victims of child abuse. Adams wants to give them half that amount.