In the competition between two powerful Portland clans to develop the Morrison Bridgehead property, a selection committee has given the nod to the Mark family's plans for a Seattle-style public market.

The four-block property on the west bank of Willamette River stands at a primary entrance to downtown Portland and is currently occupied by surface parking lots. The committee's recommendation will go to the five-member Multnomah County Board of Commissioners for a vote, likely on May 26.

The Marks, led by Melvin "Pete" Mark, proposed a high-rise office and retail tower between Southwest Alder and Washington streets, with a public market divided in halves inside the two looping bridge ramps. The Goodman clan, headed by scion Greg Goodman, worked with developers Gerding Edlen to propose an office building inside the south loop ramp, a rental-housing tower between Southwest Alder and Washington streets, and a "landscaped area" inside the north ramp.

The Marks worked with longtime public-market promoter Ron Paul, and their plan had the backing of U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer and City Commissioner Dan Saltzman. County Chair Jeff Cogen formerly worked as Saltzman's chief of staff in City Hall.

The five-member committee judged each proposal by several criteria, including implementation, design concept, sustainability, economic development and the money it would bring to the county. Read the committee's report here (PDF).

CORRECTION: This post originally contained incorrect information about how the proposals scored in each category. WW regrets the errors.