Well, now you've done it, Matthew Ross. After making a number of great (and sometimes chin-scratching) videos for Typhoon—you've gone and made a downright iconic video for last year's Best New Band winner, Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside. You've done so using a handful of familiar faces from Portland's music scene (and show-going scene) as extras (including Typhoon's Kyle Morton as the opening scene talkshow host). And the thing looks great all the way through.

The video quite literally travels through time, and what better band to make a time-travel video with than the Sound Outside, whose sound always reminds of—but never gets pigeonholed into—any number of decades past. Pretty thrilled to see this one come to life. Congrats to Mr. Ross, and to Sallie Ford: I really see this album (Dirty Radio, out tomorrow!) being a big one.