What can the Buckeyes expect from college football's premier couture outlet in the Rose Bowl?"
Ouch. Most Ducks fans I know hate the myriad costume changes that make Cher's Vegas show look tame by comparison.
After all, college football banks on tradition (kudos to the Buckeyes on that score - I like that Terrelle Pryor's jersey looks the same to me as Cornelius Greene's). And there's a painful absence of that tradition when the uniforms change each week (made even more horrific by Nike's hand in it all).
But I've come to deal with the uniforms each week by hoping the choice is at least not painful to the eye. So on that score, here's what I thought of some selections this season:
Unbelievably horrific:
Barely tolerable (Oregon did beat Purdue, by the way):
Not bad:
OK (Oregon did beat USC,
Way cool old-school:
The best blend of old and new:
Oh, yes, the answer to your question: I expect (and hope) the Ducks will sport something like they wore in the Oregon State game.
But I must confess all this talk of who chooses to wear what did get me wondering about Ohio State and its fans. Is there any chance the Buckeyes backer in this video (at the 1:40 mark) will be sitting next to me at the Rose Bowl?
Or any of these politically enlightened folks from Columbus?