For those energetic young souls without torn ACLs, conditioning problems and/or a general distaste for all things exercise-related, summer is for sports. And in Portland—what with our beloved Trail Blazers and our Nike-approved courts—basketball may be the greatest love of all.

Of course, the 32 local bands involved with And And And's Rigsketball tournament won't be playing their b-ball on fancy Nike courts. They'll be playing in parking lots covered with broken glass and gravel, in skinny driveways and in abandoned warehouses (wishful thinking, perhaps, on that last point).

The Rigsketball tournament starts today, so if you've got the afternoon off and you're looking for excitement—or, you know, looking to watch some semi-athletic band members trying to keep their wits about them in a grueling game of 3-on-3 (we'd imagine there'll be time allotted for smoke breaks)—below is the schedule of events for the first-round games this week. Or you could stick to watching the Miami Heat/Dallas Mavericks series and wait for the tournament DVD to come out. Your call.

As a last reminder, the folks behind this tournament are still looking for donations to help pay for the prize money, gas costs and all the swag they'll be producing. If you've got two grand lying around, you can even buy the basketball van itself. Here's And And And's Bim Ditson with more:

Here's the official schedule of events (not edited for spelling or grammar, because that would take the punk rock out of all this).


Blast Majesty v.s. Ugly Flowers 1:00 Tues The 7th at 4851 NE Alberta ct.

Youthbitch v.s. Hello Electric 2:30 Tues The 7th at SE 12th and Alder in that parking lot next to Washington School instead.

Laura Gibson v.s. Charts 4:00 Tues The 7th at 2nd and SE water across from Bunk Bar in that parking lot.

Otis Heat v.s. No Tomorrow Boys 6:00 Tues The 7th casa diablo (2839 NW St. Helens Rd)

Portland, OR 97210)

Jared Mees and the Grown Children v.s. My Autumn's done come 7:30 Tues The 7th at N Columbia Blvd & N Interstate Pl, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon 97217

Typhoon v.s. Supermonster 9:00 Tues The 7th at the corner of se 7th ave and sellwood blvd. (sellwood park parking lot by the baseball diamond.)


Animal Eyes v.s. Sean Flinn and the Royal We 5:00 Wed The 8th at The Fred Myers parking lot on 39th and Hawthorn till we get kicked out and then over to Colonel Sanders park

Mannequinhead v.s. Dirty Mittens 6:30 Wed The 8th At he abandoned lot behind the "Philly Cafe" located at 445 NE Killingsworth, near the corner NE MLK and NE Killingsworth. (It's behind the 76 gas station/uhaul on MLK at Killlingsworth).

Radiation City v.s. Surfs Drugs 8:00 Wed The 8th at the corner of N Denver and Willis. (Near the giant Paul Bunyan)


Rock n Roll Soldiers v.s. Support Force 5:00 Thurs The 9th at the parking lot of the abandoned Greyhound Bus Station. It is underneath the Macadam bridge right in SW 2490 SW Hood Ave. (Lower Corbett Ave turns into Hood.)

Guantanamo Baywatch v.s. Rabid Wombat 6:30 Thurs The 9th at the faculty parking lot across the street from Cleveland High

Woolen Men v.s. Lee Corey Oswald 8:00 Thurs The 9th at The parking lot next to the Burnside Skatepark

TxE v.s. SKELETRON 9:30 Thurs The 9th At The Brooklyn Skatepark (SE Brooklyn St & SE 16th Ave Portland OR 97202)


Monarques v.s. Aan 1:00 Fri The 10th Parking lot of Walmart in Troutdale. Truck stop style!

Starfucker v.s. Wampire 7:00 Fri The 10th Location TBA

And And And v.s Archers 9:30 Fri The 10th Location TBA

If you want to come out and kick it during any of the games feel free to do so!

The more the merrier!!!

See y'all there!