The biggest single infusion of cash so far in any of the 2012 Portland City Council races came late last week from a surprising source: Commissioner Amanda Fritz.

On June 9, Fritz loaned her reelection campaign $25,000, her campaign finance records show. Fritz, who worked as a psychiatric nurse before joining the City Council, was not immediately available for comment.

Fritz was a key booster and beneficiary of the city's now-dead public campaign financing program that supporters dubbed "voter-owned" elections. Public financing of city campaigns passed the City Council in 2005; voters rejected it in November 2010. It's not yet clear how Fritz will finance the rest of her campaign.

Other city races have not yet attracted lump sums as big as Fritz's loan. Mayoral candidate Eileen Brady, New Seasons grocery chain co-founder, received a $10,000 on May 25 from Stan Amy, an investor with New Villages Group in Portland.