Emily Harris, the host of Oregon Public Broadcasting's "Think Out Loud" morning talk show, says she's been asked to leave the show and the network by OPB's management.

OPB made an abrupt announcement Tuesday morning, says only that Harris has already left and "is pursuing other opportunities." Morgan Holm, OPB's vice president of news and public affairs, said that David Miller, the current on-line host and frequent fill-in for Harris, will take over as host next week.

Harris told WW that she was asked to leave.

"OPB has been working hard to expand their local news coverage, an effort I wholeheartedly support," Harris said in a statement to WW. "'Think Out Loud," started three years ago, is part of that effort. We have had some editorial differences, which management chose to resolve by asking me to leave. I wish them good luck as the show continues to evolve. Dave will do a great job, and, as far as me, stay tuned."