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Oregon State Police Union's 'Invoice' Is Not A 'Bill'—Really?

jeff leighty
The latest Rogue of the Week, the Oregon State Police Officers' Association, earned its place by employing some fundraising tactics WW deemed "at best misleading and, at worst, bullying."

OSPOA, the union representing state troopers, hires a private company, Jadent, Inc., to run the fundraising campaigns. Jadent in turn hired a subcontractor, Public Reply Center, Inc. of Southeast Portland, to handle the telemarketing side of the campaign.

All three organizations claim that the document below, labeled an "invoice," is not actually a bill—even though it was preceded by a phone call requesting payment for services that were, allegedly, never requested in the first place.

"The pledge invoice is not a 'bill' and is never been [sic] represented as such," Public Reply Center president Mark Musick, claims in correspondence submitted to the Oregon Department of Justice.

Here's what the New Oxford American Dictionary says about the distinction between an invoice and a bill:

invoice |ˈinˌvois |


a list of goods sent or services provided, with a statement of the sum due for these; a bill.

OSPOA President Darrin Phillips made a slightly more nuanced argument in his interview with WW:

"I don't know that I agree that it looks like a bill. It looks more like a legal document to me," Phillips said.

We're posting a copy of the fundraising solicitation here so people can decide for themselves.

WW highlighted the key bits. Note that while the larger print says "invoice"—twice—and shows a due date, smaller print on the letter describes the document as a "contribution" or "donation" (albeit not a tax-deductible one) and an "advertising" expense.

The letter is signed by former OSPOA President Jeff Leighty, pictured above.

What do you think? Does this look like a bill? (Scroll down.)

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