The Central Precinct officer cops say mistakenly fired five shotgun rounds instead of beanbags at a man disobeying police orders Thursday was involved in a 2008 incident where a video camera recorded him aggressively rousting suspected drug dealers.

The officer, Dane Reister, also ticketed the cameraman, though the Multnomah County district attorney's office declined to prosecute him. Reister and another officer had stopped two men next to the Portland Art Museum when Mike Tabor, who considered himself an independent journalist, began filming.

Here's how a 2008 Oregonian article described the encounter:

The videotaping incident that netted Tabor a ticket unfolded when he spotted officers Dane Reister and Nicholas Ragona stopping two men on March 25 next to the Portland Art Museum. On the nine-minute video, one of the officers can be heard accusing one man of being a drug dealer and the other a drug buyer. The officer repeatedly asks one of the men for his ID and to allow himself to be patted down. At one point, the officer—identified by Tabor as Reister—tells the man to back away. And when the man takes a step back, Reister takes two or three steps forward and shoves the man in the chest. "That bugged me," said Tabor. "It really looked like intimidation—bully-type stuff." After patting the man down, the officers let both men go. Then Reister walks over to Tabor, asks him whether the camera was also recording sound, and when Tabor says yes, tells Tabor to hand over the camera.

"I was just totally surprised," Tabor said. Tabor began to walk to Central Precinct to file a complaint. The officers pulled up in their patrol car and asked what he was doing and then said they would meet him in the lobby.

Tabor claims that after he waited about 20 minutes, the officers returned his camera and handed him a ticket.

After Thursday's shooting, Reister, a 15-year veteran of the bureau, was placed on leave, which is standard procedure when an officer is involved in a shooting. The suspect, who police say Reister hit with five pellets, was transported to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening wounds.

As of this morning, police said detectives had yet to identify the man but described him in a news release as reportedly intoxicated and armed with a pocketknife.

Mayor Sam Adams, Police Chief Michael Reese and Training Division Commander Robert Day are set to appear at a 12:30 press conference at the Justice Center to address the shooting.

Here's Tabor's video: