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A Roundup of Interesting Portland Kickstarter Projects

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By now most Portlanders are likely familiar with Kickstarter, the web site that enables individuals to solicit funds for art projects and new businesses from the general public. We wrote about several local Kickstarter projects last summer. Here are several more.

These people would like to build a giant land-ship with "sails of fire" and take it to Burning Man.

This woman would like to open a very attractive food cart to serve savory cupcakes.
This former Oregon Business Magazine writer would like to start a new magazine to cover sustainable enterprise.
This theater company would like to put on a show, with kids.
These fellows would like to open a sort of pop-up gentleman's club to sell you things.
These kids would like to take their plays to Scotland.
And this fellow would like to make a giant replica of Stephen Colbert's head.
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