It's way too early for normal people who have balance in their lives to pay any attention to the mayoral race.  And then there are reporters. The primary is 10 months away and incumbent Sam Adams has not even announced yet that he will be seeking reelection. Still, here are some interesting (to us) details about the money that announced candidates Charlie Hales and Eileen Brady have raised.

Largest revenge contribution: Vic Rhodes, who ran the Portland Department of Transportation and whom Adams fired in 2006, gave Hales $2,500.

Best celebrity contribution: Elinor Newman, the oldest daughter of the late actor Paul, gave  Brady $2,500.  It likely has to do with Brady's connection to New Seasons and Newman's connection to Newman's Own Organics.

Most telling contribution by a former pol: Former Metro Council President David Bragdon, who is now working for New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, donated $250 to Hales. Yet David's sister, Susan, gave $500 to Brady.

Best example of someone who really doesn't want Adams reelected: Gun Denhart, the founder of Hanna Andersson clothing, gave $250 to both Hales and Brady.

Most exotic contribution: $1,000 to Brady from Quatroccki Trading LLC, a Chicago commodity futures trading firm (although Brady is from Chicago).

Best sign that City Hall types are leaning toward Hales: He received $1,000 from Stephen Kafoury, who served in the legislature (and whose daughter, Deborah, is a Multnomah County Commissioner) and whose wife, Marge, was the longtime lobbyist for the city (also fired by Adams). Hales also received $500 from David Judd, who ran the Parks Bureau for years, and $250 from Carolyn Lindberg, wife of Mike Lindberg, who served as a City Commissioner for 17 years.

Biggest Contribution(to date): $10,000 from Stan Amy to Brady. Amy is, along with Brady, one of the founders of New Seasons Markets.