Anyone who lives in Portland already knows where the Thermals like to hang out -- I've randomly seen bassist Kathy Foster at different spots around town more times than I've ever unexpectedly run into my actual friends. For outsiders thinking of coming here and creepily staring at the members of the power-punk trio while they're out and about, the band made it really easy to do so by revealing their favorite Portland places to SPIN's Underground Guide. In the video, they pimp such hangouts as Savoy Tavern (where the segment was taped), Periodicals Paradise and Stumptown Coffee, which singer Hutch Harris calls "just a local roaster" (uh, someone obviously hasn't been keeping up with local news).

Of course, this piece will probably encourage more young folks to move here, to whom I, as a nearly three-year resident, say: DON'T EVEN FUCKING THINK ABOUT IT! WE'VE GOT ENOUGH YOUNG CREATIVES IN THIS CITY! I'M PULLING UP THE LADDER, GODDAMN IT!

Ahem. Anyway, here's the segment: