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Dirty Mittens Tour Diary:Burritos, NBA Jam and Being Hopelessly Outnumbered by Dudes (Portland to SLC)

legs...and how to use them
Dirty Mittens are out on the road for the better part of July, and they have decided to share the experience with us. This should be a fun one! -Ed.


We haven't left yet, and tour is already feeling like a tease. "Be ready by 11," Chelsea (Morrissey, vocals) says. Ben (Hubbird, guitar) wants to be out by noon, she says. I'm sitting in my apartment ready to go and my girlfriend Casey and I decide to move my bags and gear out to the street in preparation. I call Chelsea. Mid-sentence, she starts blurting colorful obscenities. I'll have to call you back, she says. Click. Now I'm nervous. It's 11:45. We are not making it out by noon, but more importantly, "I'll have to call you back," with a quick click is one of the worst things to hear. The van has broken down en route. With my bags on the sidewalk and my girlfriend's worried look, to passerby it seems like she is reluctantly kicking me out. We decide to walk to Aztec Willies for a burrito (quick side note: shout to Aztec Willies and their amazing mole chicken. One thing I will certainly miss away from Portland. No one else in Dirty Mittens shares this view, they all hate AW. I can't understand why. But I digress). Halfway to the burrito, Chelsea calls back. The van is fully operational, just a temporary hiccup. Tonight's show in Pendleton will not be cancelled, perhaps just delayed. With Noah (Jay-Bonn, keys) and Austin (The Red, drums) in tow, we pick up Josh (Hawley, keys and guitar) and Ben, make a quick stop at Taqueria Mendoza (BIG shout to Mendoza, I miss that place even when I'm home!) and hit the open road. Despite Ben's insistence, Noah does not agree that Mendoza has a better veggie burrito than La Bonita.

I can't tell you about the ride to Pendleton. As beautiful as it was, we were all exhausted from running around all morning, and slept. Except wheelman Noah, who was accompanied by the new Cults album (verdict: couldn't decide if Cults sound like Tennis, or vice versa) and Shame, Shame by Dr. Dog (verdict: Dr Dog sounds really good when comfortable. This could be the most comfortable they have ever been on record. Not their best album, but more than solid.).

We played a show in Pendleton at The Great Pacific. The pizza was incredible. Afterwards, we went to stay with Ben's friend Peter, who we met in November, the last time we came to Pendleton. Peter's house is incredible, with his own sauna, trampoline, jam room and basketball hoop with paved driveway. 

 We planned on going down to a local bar, but the talk of NBA Jam turned into action, and that was that. NBA Jam is one of the greatest games of all time, video or otherwise. It is the great equalizer. I spent hours in my garage with my dad having epic NBA Jam sessions (although I would usually just let him stay in it and then pull away at the end, occasionally he would beat me. This is the majesty of the match, anything is possible). Ben was first up, trying out the seemingly confusing yet completely simple Wii control setup for updated Jamming. What we thought was a good game was actually Peter doing the same thing to Ben that I used to do to my dad. Josh, however, is no joke, running the table thru all Dirty Mittens, culminating in a triple overtime showdown with Peter. This was an NBA Jam moment I had experienced so many times before and probably will again. Will this kid beat the other kid AT HIS OWN GAME? AT HIS HOUSE? Like the time I won GoldenEye at Geoff Phoenix's house in fifth grade, Josh held on for victory. I didn't win any NBA Jam games, but due to the awesomeness of the Wii version of the game, I got to play as two pairs of historical twin towers, Shaquille O'neal and Dwight Howard for the Magic, and Yao Ming and Hakeem Olajuwon for the Rockets. Since I 'fell' in both games, many 9/11 jokes were made. It's rough out here, things can get salty. Now onto Boise and Idaho thrift stores.


When Eric Gilbert of Finn Riggins sat next to me last night in Boise and sincerely wondered "how do you deal with being the only girl in a band of five dudes?!" I was caught off-gaurd. Almost like I hadn't noticed. I'm not sure if being the only girl in a band with five guys on roads that seem to streatch for miles and miles is harder or easier. On one hand, I grew up surrounded by brothers so there is no amount of penis jokes and detailed Pinkerton arguments that can offend or annoy me. On the other hand, when a girl needs a midol in the middle of the desert there isn't exactly anyone racing to my aid.

I love these guys though. I wouldn't have it any other way.

WELL... Thats not entirely true... I would veto the 3 am burritos before a 6 hour 8 am drive. But again, I'm outnumbered.

Tonight we play in SLC. Our show last time was great. I'm looking forward go it!

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