The dream of the 90s is alive in White Orange’s jam space. This Portland quartet is unapologetically grunge in a way that’s markedly less metallic than even Red Fang. A band that is fearless about treading on questionable turf while also being driven to produce new music at a frantic pace is destined to experience rapid growth. Case in point: White Orange’s latest tune, “Dinosaur Bones.” 

Releasing this song in the midst of a Summer that seems like it will never come feels like perfect timing. Though there’s a muscular riff that propels the entire jam, there’s also a sense of nostalgia laced throughout. Maybe even regret. This dichotomy between grunge power and bittersweet mood recalls a certain time in the music scene with clarity—think Screaming Trees, Hum, and Helmet’s Betty. If White Orange had been kicking around the Northwest in those days it would have been swept up in the current or lost in the shuffle. Regardless, the band stands alone now, creating a thunderous racket built of catchy melodies, understated vocals, and crystalline production compliments of the band’s in-house studio and producer. If skateboarding, drinking beers with friends, and sleeping in fields under the stars tugs at your heartstrings (and you’re not afraid to turn up the volume) then this shit was made for you. It’s a fossil record alright, but not one that carbon dates back more than twenty years or so. 

 â€œDinosaur Bones” will appear on the forthcoming self-titled White Orange album. CD release is set for September 17th at Ash Street Saloon.