I know, I know, it seems like half of what this blog posts is either or directly or tangentially related to Luck-One. But when you're hot, you're hot, and the MC—who recently re-relocated to Portland after a stint in Seattle—is definitely on fire. Rapping over a supersmooth Maze/Frankie Beverly sample, Luck drops an African proverb before moving on to string bar after devastating, perfectly timed bar (and ending with an off-the-cuff shout-out to chocolate milk). On one hand the beat is straight Big Willie Style (producer Tyler Smith, considering his budget, should certainly take that as a compliment) and on the other here's Luck just going insane on top of it, so it's this weird collision of the familiar and the jarringly quick "fruits of [Luck's] ridiculous grind."


Why he leaves half the track open, I can't say—but then Luck-One just spit enough bars to fill an album, so I guess I don't mind just nodding along to the extended outro.

Summer as fuck. King of the Northwest can't hit soon enough.