On Monday, we asked readers to help us identify a gathering taking place in the Willamette River at Sellwood Riverfront Park last Friday at 4 pm.

Although many wrote in to tell us how stupid we were for not knowing about The Big Float event taking in the river that day (we did know and that wasn't it), the mystery was solved by reader Milly Wilder, who explained that it was a good ol' fashioned river bapitism for members of inner southeast's Door of Hope church :

Hey, I'm in this picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously, this was a baptism held by my church, Door of Hope on SE 20th and Madison.


Now, unfortunately, this response may quell the flow of snarky comments...sorry to be a buzz kill.And yes, that water was muddy as heck. Luckily these folks don't rely on the clenliness of the water to wash away sins.
you also won a gift certificate
Jeremy Probst
There is no "man of the cloth" looking person because that's only done

in certain churches.  Most non-denominational pastors don't wear the

stereotypical suit or clothing described by the "man of the cloth"

stereotype.  Looks like they'll be down there again come August 28th! 

Sweet, getting baptized in a river, full immersion, just like Jesus!  I

bet the Jordan river was cleaner though :-)