We know the video you're all waiting to see right now is the footage of Portland indie-pop army Typhoon's performance from tonight's The Late Show with David Letterman that'll surely be all over the local blogosphere tomorrow (you've probably already seen Sallie Ford's Letterman appearance from Wednesday night -- apparently Dave's mistaken our city for a young intern, 'cause he's clearly got a hard-on for Rose City music. Heyooo!). In the meantime, however, here are some new clips from local artists who may or may not be showing up on late night TV soon.

"Forget My Name," Mattress

Apparently, electronic torch singer Rex Marshall is having trouble remembering his name. Based on this video, though, he could just turn around and ask himself for reminder -- I mean, he's sitting right there in a trench coat. Against a brick background, the man known as Mattress performs this dirge-y, Nick Cave-ish number from his new album Lonely Souls for an audience of one -- himself -- before turning it into a duet. Meanwhile, director Sean Whiteman drops in meta-computer images, like vacation screen savers and the universal volume logo. And hey, you just lost a game of solitaire!

"Many One," Sapient

A dude with a creepy beard is stalked by someone in an even creepier elephant mask. BUT WAIT! It concludes with a twist of Shyamalanian proportions. The video for this moody instrumental is the first taste of Tusks!, the newest project from Sapient of Portland hip-hop crew Sandpeople. It's the first album in what he's calling the Eater series, and although from the title of this initial record you'd think it was a tribute to Fleetwood Mac's 1979 album, he actually describes it as "Madlib's Beat Konducta records, only filtered through a vision of Ratatat-esque indie rock sprinkled with boom-bap power."

"0 For Everything," Oxykitten
The Streets Were Paved with Circuit Boards

"Feeling Hope," Dropa

A pretty blonde princess has been captured by pirates, and the only ones who can save her are...well, N'Sync, of course. In this hilariously ingenious clip from bedroom electronic pop soloist Dropa, a.k.a. Micah Tamblyn, a plastic Justin Timberlake action figure hires a pair of marionette bandidos to help him and his pop-locking cronies rescue his dream doll from a band of plush, seafaring kidnappers, with a laughably blood-and-guts (yes, guts) soaked conclusion. It's so fun to watch, you'll almost miss the catchy tune that accompanies it.