The Portland Business Journal reported yesterday that restaurant chain Yard House is planning to open a Portland location at Pioneer Place mall. As well as "classic rock," the restaurant claims to offer the "world's largest selection of draft beer." The PBJ suggests the former Todai space on the shopping center's fourth floor will be the new location, and it's difficult to imagine another place in the mall that could house a restuarant whose M.O. is 10,000 square foot, 400-seat eateries (unless it's part of Pioneer Place's proposed make-over into a foodie mecca).

Fun fact: Yard House is 70 percent owned by private equity firm TSG Consumer Partners, which recently purchased a controlling stake in Portland's Stumptown coffee. Hence the rapid expansion into new markets (the company is also opening new stores in seven other cities).

More importantly, what kind of beer can you expect to be drinking (provided you're at peace with boozing in a shopping mall)? There's a bit of variation amongst locations, but here's a sample of the pale ales and IPAs:

Long Beach Post
130 different beer taps