At the risk of turning into a sad imitation of Pittsburghers taking cell phone videos of The Dark Knight Rises being made, we have a cell phone video of Leverage being made.

You're right: We already turned into a sad imitation. But it's got a big explosion, with a fireball and everything!

The crew of the TNT heist series was a block from WW World Headquarters on Sunday evening, repeatedly blowing the doors off an empty Conway warehouse on the corner of Northwest 21st Avenue and Quimby Street. They did this three times between 5 and 6 pm, with the explosion setting off nearby car alarms. A large crowd (judging by their army and Virginia State Police uniforms, they were either extras or a military convoy on holiday) gathered a block away with cell phones at the ready. A member of the crew continually issued warnings to cover our ears. Then he actually yelled "Fire in the hole," which was fun. Almost like a real movie, even!

Sorry for the somewhat shaky camerawork. It is difficult to hold a cell phone steady while covering your ears.