On August 13, the head of the Portland Police Bureau's Traffic Division, Captain Todd Wyatt, was involved in what the Idaho State Police are calling a "road rage incident," and is presently under investigation. Wyatt allegedly brandished a handgun at another vehicle carrying at least two local passengers shortly after 11 am outside of Post Falls near milepost 6, in the Idaho panhandle, says Lt. Chris Schenck of the Idaho State Police.

After the Idaho State Police were unable to locate the blue, F150 Ford pick-up truck reported to be involved in the incident, they contacted Washington State Police who pulled the truck over inside Washington and identified the driver.

Schenck says that he does not believe alcohol was involved in the incident, and does not know whether or not the handgun that Wyatt allegedly brandished is his service weapon. Although alcohol does not seem to have played a part, the alleged road rage follows four other incidents in the past 10 months in which off-duty PPB officers have been accused of driving under the influence.

Wyatt was not taken into custody and no charges have yet been filed. Schenck says his department is still investigating the incident and conducting interviews.