From Musicophilia:

"In 1937 Macdonald Critchley…described eleven patients he had seen with epileptic seizures induced by music. The type of music that could provoke their seizures varied a good deal from patient to patient. One specified classical music, another 'Old Time' [music], while a third patient found that 'a well punctuated rhythm was for her the most dangerous feature in music.'"

Our first show of the tour was today. We played at the Bush Hall, a big venue in Shepherd's Bush with the Coal Porters, one of the most well-known string bands in the UK. We were all thrilled to play on the same stage that Amy Winehouse, the Killers, R.E.M and Adele all played at some point in their careers.

First we had a half hour radio spot on BBC London. You can listen to it here.

We loaded into Bush Hall around 4:30. It's a beautiful old room with a small balcony and intricate embellishments on the walls and ceiling. A crystal chandelier hangs from the middle of the ceiling. We had an hour of sound check then left to find something to eat.

After eating, a videographer friend of ours named Toby from On Par Productions wanted to shoot some footage of us before the show, so we did a quick live video of "Meet Me Where The Crow Don't Fly," then got to relaxing in the green room. Toby also wanted to shoot a video of the Coal Porters, so they started shooting outside. All of a sudden. we realized the song they were doing: "Wide Open Spaces." We were flattered to say the least that such a well-respected group from so far away was covering one of our songs.

Backstage leading up to the show we messed around, drank a little beer and played a little impromptu jazz jam. Andrew, the bass player of the Coal Porters, had some extra strings, so I replaced the D and G gut strings with steel strings that I'm more used to. Excitement was starting to kick in for all of us. This was our first show of the tour, and it was a highly anticipated one for everyone involved. Owl put a huge amount of time and effort since March into putting this show on, and we could all tell how keyed up he was.

The show went great. All told, there were about 100 people in the room and the London crowd was great to play to. We invited the Coal Porters up to play "Wide Open Spaces." After two encores and selling some merchandise, we left London to go back to Owl's flat to get some sleep before we head to Kent to play the Small World Festival.